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Apr 7, 2008
  1. hello everyone, i am new to techspot or any forum as far as that goes, anyway, the problem i have is with a couple of year old emachines t6420, when i push the power button, the fans start running and thats all it does, if i turn power off by holding the button and restart it, it usually comes on and boots fine. i replaced the psu with a new one, (500w, i also have a video card i would like to install if i fix this problem), but that did not fix it. also, once i do get it running fine, the display flickers alot, which i can sort of fix by adjusting the refresh rate down. i have noticed on this forum and others i have read that this seems like a common issue with emachines pc's. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated and i could start growing the hair back that i have been pulling out. thanks.
  2. cosmos100

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    Sounds like your computers not starting from cold could be a board issue. (which Emacs are known for being dodgy). As for the screen flickering again most likely related to the board.
  3. raybay

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    It is likely that your motherboard is beginning to fail. If this is the case, it will suddenly go dead, as is typical of seven models of eMachines.
    Save your data while you can. The fix is a new motherboard from eMachines at a cost of $159.95. When it fails, it often takes the power supply with it.
    Good luck.
    If it is two years old, it is out of warranty, and eMachines tech support will not admit this defect.
  4. Tufelhunden

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    so it is nothing that i can just repair on on the motherboard? i have actually taken everything off and did a total restore and it is back to factory settings, after getting my laptop, i planned on making it a "gamer" and i hoped that doing this would help the problem, but it didn't.
  5. raybay

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    I cannot say.
    All I know is that I have 340 of them in a barn awaiting a possible class action suit. We are now aware of 761 eMachines that have failed due to defective motherboards.

    We can hope you are a lucky one. But the only approach I can recommend is save your data... and buy an eMachines motherboard replacement fof $159.95 plus shipping so that your recovery software and hard drive will continue to work.

    If you have better luck, be sure to let us know.
  6. Tufelhunden

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    i just remembered, i noticed the display flickering problem a couple of days after i put an expansion for a game in the comp. and then the booting problem after that and since my wife and i both had laptops now, (that are better anyway), i decided to do the system restore to bring it back to "like new" status, which like i mentioned before didn't help anyway. Also, i purchased an upgrade video card the other day and when i tried to install it, (thinking that might help in some way), i couldnt get it to boot at all untill i removed, it which is why i got the new 500w psu, of course still no help. Since it is probably the motherboard and i am willing to gut the case and start fresh, what would be the best and relatively affordable non emachines board to get? Would i have to get a different hard drive, ram sticks, etc.
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