Any one know a software that shows me how many watts I have left?

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Jan 20, 2008
  1. Need two know how many watts I got to spare on my 850 watt. is there a software to do that?
  2. Tedster

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    google PSU calculator. plug in your components and you will have a rough idea.
  3. Nodsu

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    No, there is no software to do that. At best, you can get a wattmeter and put it between your computer and the wall socket. Assuming that your PSU has 80% efficiency, you can go up to some 700W.

    And even this wouldn't be very useful, since the different voltage rails have different current limits. You may be maxing out the 12V while there is plenty of spare on 5V for example.
  4. Harley2

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    Why do you need to know, 8800 gt uses 105 watts max under full load, great efficient card, your not even close to your limit. I have 450 watt psu ultra quiet. Look at my specs, I am not maxed, I use 290 watt under full load in game multitasking. PSU's are so misunderstood, the companys put these things out in response to a demand for power a while ago. So much current hardware runs more efficiently then a few years ago and it will just get better, 850 watts is overkill, your not even close. Here is a guess, at idle you use 175 watt and under full load between 275 and 390 watt, I bet you. make sure to post back and tell what you got for usage Tower only. Use a plug in reader, run your power cord from TOWER to it then to plug in.

    You could SLI 8800 gt with 2 more hardrives and 2 more gb of ram and be fine, Overclocked and all. and because of the 1 pin power for 8800gt there would be no problem with 12 or 5 volt rails

    OH YA just read about this it might be out and tell you what your usage is.
    Nvidia's Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA)
    software that gives you all kinds of system info.

    PS: Do you crash with your gt so overclocked? I don't but some people do when overclocked as much as yours. and its not a psu problem, most forms point to problem being with the ram speed oc on 8800 gt.
  5. Tedster

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    yes there is. It's called PSU calculators. You misunderstood what I was trying to say.

    Plug in the components into the formula, then it will give you a rough idea of your power consumption. Take the wattage off of your current PSU, subtract the consumption, and there you have it.

    If he has a multimeter, that is much more difficult for an average person
  6. kimsland

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