Any one know about car steros?

  1. well the stero aint workin i mean all the sound you cant hear nothing at all the stero turn on but i cant hear nothing i connected 2 12" audiobahns and then it stop working i took it down to best buy the guy said that my speaker amplifier had broken not the bass one he said that since its an eddie bauwer truck its going to be expensive to get another one any one know if you can put a diffrent speaker amp?
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    he's BSing you for a sale. Although your amp may be broke, they're easy to install. any car audio, auto parts store or the like sell amps. Depends on how much and how fancy you want to spend. Personally I'm not a big believer in spending big money for car stereos. It attracts thieves and also if you wreck or sell the car, your equipment is gone too.
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    Just head over to Crutchfield or some other audio parts store and buy an amp. You could probably install it or just take to a place that does installations for a fee.
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    thanks guys!!!

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