Apple may host multiple September events, cramming all fall product launches into a single...

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In a nutshell: Apple could be preparing multiple product events in September, dishing out every product it has to announce this year in the span of a single month. That may seem counter-intuitive, but it could allow Apple to better cater to back-to-school shoppers and get an early start on the holidays.

Apple is reportedly planning to condense multiple product launch events into a single month rather than spread them out as it did last year according to sources familiar with the matter as reported by DigiTimes (paywalled). If true, it would be a rather uncharacteristic move for Apple.

Last year, the Cupertino tech titan hosted an event in mid-September to announce new Apple Watches and an upgraded iPad. In mid-October, Apple hosted a second event where it unveiled the iPhone 12. It’d be another month before Apple was ready to announce new Macs.

The staggered events ensured that each new product had ample time to soak up media attention and have impactful launches.

Apple’s fall lineup is expected to include the iPhone 13 family, the Apple Watch Series 7, third-gen AirPods, new iPads and redesigned MacBook Pros.

DigiTimes’ track record isn’t the best, although Apple leaker Mark Gurman recently said he also believes Apple will host multiple product events this fall, but didn’t say if they would all come in a single month or be spread out like last year.

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It definitely will…or be discontinued.
Apple usually sells the " old " models for another while but if 13 is the same price as 12 she might get that, I pay for her current contract as she is only 16 so the cheaper the upgrade is the better for me :p


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I'm only looking for one product: iPhone 13 PRO MAX with 1TB storage.
I believe you will get your 1tb iPhone this year. But I also predict that it will be called an iPhone 12S Max and not a 13. Because you know how companies can get superstitious.

Personally I think it’s stupid. Everybody knows it’s unlucky to be superstitious.


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Nothing to see here. Move on.
Looking forward to some heavy regulations from the EU of US regarding the right to repair and, hopefully, some battery replacement news regarding the new smartphones.
I hate the hypocrisy of the mobile producers: when they announce that their brand new product is green, the only thing(s) I'm checking are:
- part availability
- user serviceability
As for Apple, they are the undisputed champions of unfixable items, be it mobile phones, tablets or laptops.
They are the seed of evil infecting others:
- no headphone jack
- no microSD card
- no headphones in the box
- no IR blaster
- no charger in the box
- no replaceable batteries (this was from the start, despite the known fact that the first item to fail is the battery when it comes to new units).
On the other hand, in the Android camp, instead of continuing with the serviceable mobile units, the likes of Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi etc are merely copying the same effed-up trends from Apple.