Apple unveils 'Daisy' the recycling robot and the 'Apple GiveBack' recycling program

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Apr 19, 2018
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  1. With Earth Day on the way, companies everywhere are touting their recycling and clean energy accomplishments. While some companies simply use Earth Day as a way to get some additional positive PR, Apple is one company that tends to put their money where their mouth is as far as protecting the environment goes.

    Indeed, earlier this month the tech giant announced that they now power 100 percent of their business operations with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

    Now, Apple has unveiled a new initiative dubbed "Apple GiveBack." The program is simple - for every device Apple receives through customer turn-ins or trade-ins, the company will make a donation to Conservation International, a non-profit dedicated to preserving nature.

    Apple isn't stopping there, though. The company has also debuted their brand-new robot, "Daisy." Daisy is a recycling robot that can "more efficiently" break down iPhones to recover valuable materials.

    It may not seem like a single robot could make much of a dent in the vast amount of devices Apple likely receives on a daily basis but Daisy is apparently capable of taking apart "up to" 200 iPhone devices per hour. Given the fact that Apple could theoretically operate the robot at all times, Daisy's recycling numbers could add up quickly.

    Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy and Social initiatives Lisa Jackson offered the following statement in a press release:

    At Apple, we’re constantly working toward smart solutions to address climate change and conserve our planet’s precious resources. In recognition of Earth Day, we are making it as simple as possible for our customers to recycle devices and do something good for the planet through Apple GiveBack.

    We’re also thrilled to introduce Daisy to the world, as she represents what’s possible when innovation and conservation meet.”

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  2. antiproduct

    antiproduct TS Booster Posts: 73   +45

    I'm hoping that most (or all) of these devices were just non-functional or extremely outdated. Because otherwise they lose sight of the reuse part of environmentalism, where someone could still get good use out of one of these slightly outdated phones. I still have a co-worker using an iPhone 4 with a broken screen... so... yeah, there are people out there who would consider several of these devices (potentially) as an upgrade.
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  3. regiq

    regiq TS Booster Posts: 178   +57

    I hope they aren't planning to send every decommissioned iPhone in the world to meet Daisy ;) The environmental effect would be the opposite - just like shipping Priuses from Japan to US.
  4. alabama man

    alabama man TS Guru Posts: 480   +297

    Bet most of them worked fine, they just couldn't bother to repair them.
  5. alabama man

    alabama man TS Guru Posts: 480   +297

    Or just let people repair their stuff or offer repair your selves.

    Apple refusing to fix a product:

    Apple just being *******s all the time and making it hard to repair stuff your self when they can't be bothered:

    Shame they will get away with ruining the environment, abusing their customers and using slaves just because of stunts like this. No ethical person would support them and almost all americans seem to use apple phones... wonder their president is such a deuce and they all seem horrible.
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  6. Lounds

    Lounds TS Booster Posts: 84   +41

    I wonder if the parts get used for refurbished models, basically making money twice on a phone?
  7. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,486   +803

    PR move on Apple's part...nothing more.
  8. Manuel Diego

    Manuel Diego TS Booster Posts: 42   +42

    "for every device Apple receives through customer turn-ins or trade-ins, the company will make a donation to Conservation International". Through April 30 (see last video). So Apple will be greener... for 10 days. PR, PR, PR...
  9. regiq

    regiq TS Booster Posts: 178   +57

    Recently I was two months late with my ipod failure. I took it to authorised service point just to know it's obsolete since december and screens are not available anymore. What's that got to do with ecology?

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