Artifacting and BSOD

By the0mega
Jan 15, 2011
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  1. Symptoms:

    Broken lines running vertically down the screen in windows.
    Graphics look 'odd' on the Packard Bell screen when pc is turned on before windows even starts (not really sure how to describe).
    Crash and BSOD when logging into windows normally if display driver is enabled (I think it says something like 'failed to restart display driver').
    Runs in safemode but still has artifacts.
    Runs normally when display drivers are disabled but still with artifacts.

    What I've tried:

    System restore to before problem occured.
    Installed latest graphics drivers.
    Uninstalled and then re-installed graphics drivers.
    Virus scan (you never know lol).


    Windows 7 32bit
    Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.4GHz
    3GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I really don't have a clue what I'm doing =P

    Seems to me that it's most likely a problem with the GPU but the fact that the artifacts are still appearing even with the display drivers disabled makes me wonder if it could be the mobo instead? Or the power supply?

    Can't upload minidump files because they all exceed the 200kb limit.
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Artifacting as you describe is due to either a) a heat issue with the graphics card or b) the card itself is dying. If a is not the case and by the fact that graphic card driver updates don't resolve the issue then b is the most likely issue.

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