Assassin's Creed haptic feedback shirt will let players feel every punch, stab, and fall


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The big picture: Gamers are always looking for new ways to immerse themselves in digital worlds. Some like ultra-detailed visuals, while others may prefer the clearest, most precise audio available. But for some, even the most advanced audio-visual technologies aren't enough to make the experience more realistic. Thanks to a partnership between Ubisoft and haptic technology developer OWO, Assassin's Creed fans will soon be able to take their experience one step further.

Sometimes after a hard day, you just want to come home and unwind. Other times you want to come home, put on a tight shirt, and feel simulated punches and stabs. If you find yourself in that latter category, guess what: you're in luck. Assassin's Creed developer Ubisoft is partnering with haptic-feedback technology developer OWO to release the Assassin's Creed Mirage Edition of its Haptic Gaming System.

The haptic feedback shirt allows users to feel real physical sensations by manipulating waves associated with different types of feedback available in OWO's sensations library. The library includes sensations and experiences ranging from wind, stress, and freefall to dagger wounds, severe abdominal wounds, and shots complete with exit wounds. Sounds fun.

The Mirage edition is expected to ship with specs similar to those of OWO's Founder Limited Edition haptic feedback shirt. The Founder Limited Edition ships with ten haptic sensation locations, 100 ohm high conductivity electrodes, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and an eight-hour rechargeable USB Type-C battery. According to OWO's Assassin's Creed skin page, the Mirage edition will also arrive with additional features, including an AC-styled Lycra shirt, 20 gel pads, a storage pouch, the OWO device, and an Assassin's Creed game code.

Users can customize their individual experiences using the OWO device and My OWO app. The app provides the ability to calibrate and adjust the sensations and intensities delivered by the skin, ensuring a unique experience for every game and user.

You'd think there's not really a good way to market stab wounds, gunshots, and insect bites as a good time, but somehow OWO has done just that. The company was selected as one of CES 2022's Innovation Awards Honorees in the virtual reality/augmented reality category. It was recognized again as an honoree at CES 2023, this time for its haptic feedback sleeve technology.

Assassin's Creed Mirage is scheduled for release on October 12 of this year for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Amazon Luna users. The game will also be available to all Ubisoft+ subscribers once released.

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An exciting idea, although for 500 euros (based on the price of the founder's edition) I'll pass. If they can get this tech down to less than 200 and integrated with more games, especially VR games (they list 2 VR compatible games right now), I can see it bringing a whole new dimension to gaming.
Aldous Huxley predicted this way back in 1936..! In Brave New World, that which we call the "movies", morphed into, "the feeleys". So feeley goers would place their hands on "galvanic" grips on their seat arm rests, and feel every kick, punch, and kiss, that was happening on sceen.

It's either funny, or scary, depending on your point of view that everything that was predicted to "come around", is now, "going around".

Of course, Huxley never mentioned what the cost of a "Feeley ticket" might be As to the price of this shirt, another, (slightly modified) cliche comes to mind "If you want to feel the role, you have to pay he toll."
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Yeah, it's neat but they needed to come up with a set of pants too for when you get your a** kicked .......

I feel like there would be some kind of movement against, "my t-shirt / pants touched me inappropriately".
But I wanna feel like a got kicked in the nuts when I am playing Tekken.

No, thanks. I play games for enjoyment, not for suffering. Stupid haptic technology. I have the Razer Kraken with haptic and I had to turn it off. Just uncomfortable and foolish.
This is just a cheap Spiderman Alien suit- not even complete - really need huggable pants and the floor is lava boots.
No the real deal will be Elon's neural plugin.

That's a lot of money , to go to a lot of hassle - charging it , cleaning it , wearing it

Maybe for Laser tag , but you have paint ball with air pressure to max

I can not seeing this as a gimmick more than those group electric shock toys

Given that the military is working on cybersuits , exo powered frames etc
Ubisoft: We can't seem to improve the games any more after a dozen entries of the same thing. We need a new way to entice folks to keep wasting their money....
I suppose the high price is to cover the costs for the massive amount of material needed to produce one large enough for the typical gamer body. I hope the product is easy to clean or, at least, the material is able to repel cheeto dust and fried chicken grease.
This is keeping in line with Earnest Cline's dystopian ruin described in Ready Player One. If you think reading that book is a good idea, just look at the substance of this article.