Asus K8Ne Deluxe , Various problems.

By Zainyboy
Sep 5, 2006
  1. Hello guyz ,, now I know there are a lot of threads concerning Asus K8Ne troubles. The troubles I am having are wierd & annoying.
    My PC Specs are :

    AMD 3200+
    ASUS K8Ne Deluxe
    1GB Kingston PC3200
    80` Gb HDD
    Ati 9600 XT 256 MB DDr.

    Some of various troubles I am having:
    1. Since I bought this PC i`ve had no problems , but now its getting worse with its troubles. First off , the Ati & Asus issue , they dont seem to much friendly with each other , my screen goes blank often , my pc hangs often. Sometime it wont start leaving a msg of System Failed VGA test. Screen gets scrambled some times. I cant play games , I cant watch movies.
    Considering the problem It was the Video Card which i thought was defective , so I got it changed with a new one with same specs. I was happy that my problems are finished but then again , same thing happened.

    2. Second , HDD problem made me go nutts .Apart from the Video card issue , when sometime luckily this thing started it wont detect HDD. I had to manuallt deattach the data cord & attach it again , restart the PC .. & there you go . It starts.
    Considering this Prob , I thought the MOBO & the HDD had probs , So I got them changed to , & the again .. same thing happens.

    I dont know whether this series by Asus or Ati or Seagate was defected.

    My CPU temp. most of the time remains around 55 to 60`C & mobo temp around 50 to 55`C. My graphic card from 45`C to 55`C.

    I just want to know that is there any Temprature issue with this thingy i am usin` , or there is some kind of power related issues. If it is what is the best thing I could do to prevent this problem. Recently I added 3 Fans to my casing , still it isnt working out.
    I am thinking to buy a New PC ,, maybe i am fed up with AMD .... I am considering Intel this time. What is your recomendations to build one.
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