AT&T exempts DirecTV from mobile data caps

By Shawn Knight
Sep 7, 2016
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  1. AT&T is now giving DirecTV subscribers (and vice-versa) yet another reason to subscribe to both services. The latest version of the DirecTV iPhone app now exempts video from the satellite provider meaning AT&T subscribers can watch as much television as they’d like through the app over a cellular connection without eating into their monthly data allotment… well, sort of.

    The practice, known as zero-rating, is certainly controversial although AT&T isn’t the first to utilize it. T-Mobile has been zero-rating various media services for more than two years through programs like Music Freedom and Binge On.

    In the revised description for the DirecTV iPhone app, AT&T says you can now stream DirecTV on your devices, anywhere – without using your data. Do note, however, that AT&T says some (undefined) exclusions may apply in which users may incur data usage. What’s more, the unlimited streaming is subject to network management which includes speed reduction.

    AT&T, if you recall, announced intentions to purchase DirecTV for a whopping $48.5 billion back in 2014 before finalizing the acquisition a year later. The FCC said at the time that AT&T would not be allowed to exempt its own video services and content from data caps on its fixed broadband connections – a condition that doesn’t apply to mobile data caps.

    No word yet on when AT&T will update its DirecTV app for Android with similar functionality.

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  2. Joray K Joseph

    Joray K Joseph TS Rookie

    This is exactly what they've been planning. To undermine other streaming services by having data caps and hassling Netflix for being too popular. They artificially limit your internet and say things like "There is not enough bandwidth for everyone to stream all these videos" blah blah blah, they just want to promote their own service. T-Mobile is now doing the same thing with their plans where you can stream from a select few services and it wont hit your data plan which shows just how "free the market is"

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