ATI Catalyst 10.8b hotfix brings forced AF for H.A.W.X.


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AMD has released a small hotfix for its Radeon graphics cards that corrects an issue with the HD 4850 X2 and 4870 X2. As their names suggest, both products feature a dual-GPU design, but it seems they weren't being properly utilized. The company doesn't really say how much of a performance gain you'll see by applying the update, but it's probably worth downloading if you own one of the aforementioned cards.

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Just installed the hotfix for my 4750 X2. I played a little bit of DA:O just to do a quick stability test. I can't comment on any improvements... but I haven't experienced any problems either, which is always good :)


if you want to play bfbc2 and you have radeon 4870x2 never install 10.8b.its worst,full of game freezes and ctd.