Ati Radeon 9600 256mb

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Aug 19, 2007
  1. I just recently tried using this video card in my computer and i installed the latest drivers(you can see my specs in my signature) this is the driver i installed hopefully its the right one. my problem is every time i go into a game it will freeze within a minute of playing and my moniter shuts off and acts like its hibernating, someone told me to go to display properties then power and turn moniter to always on and it still didnt work. also it freezes instantly when i change graphic settings in a game at all and apply. for the time that i did get to play the game, it ran very smooth and the graphics were amazing. any help appreciated thanks.
    (the video card in my signature is my old one before this which made my games run slow even on medium-low graphics)
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    Going from Nvidia to Ati or visa versa you need to make sure your system is totally clean of the old drivers. Did you completely un-install all the Nvidia drivers (control panel)? Your drivers are probably corrupted. If you want to try this, this is how I install drivers: new drivers-save on desktop
    2.un-install drivers-in your case ati and nvidia-all of them system-let the generic windows driver screen come up-hit cancel
    4.install new drivers from desktop again
  3. robman817

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    cool thanks for this help, i will try it right now, could you tell me if the link i used was the right site for the drivers so i dont install the wrong ones?
  4. robman817

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    well i discovered its most likely my power supply, its very very old which is probably why my fx 5200 256mb goes pretty slow, anyone have any recommendations to what type of power supply i can get with this radeon 9600 video card?
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