ATi Radeon X1050 400w psu ?

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Jul 31, 2007
  1. well for the X1050 i have i can watch videos for a few minutes and when i but my computer under stress like when i run a few different programs and i try to play a video it will freeze up and i have to reboot, so then i found out that then minimum is a 420W power supply all i have is a 400W so could this be my problem ?
  2. nickc

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    If the minimum is a 420W power supply and all u have is a 400W and it is not a top quality PSU then that could deffinately be u're problem. What is the manufacture of the PSU?
  3. captaincranky

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    First, a Radeon X1050 chipset is a low end card, so I don't understand the conclusion of 420 Watt PSU being necessary. It does equate almost directly that the lower the price of the video card, the less power it consumes. You say you're running several programs and trying to watch videos at the same,. so unless this is a high end Core 2 Duo processor, then your probably trying to do too much. Playing a DVD movie takes almost all of a low to mid range processor by itself.
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    Yeah, please post your PC's main components so that one of us can put the pieces together and see maybe where the weakness lies. I see where that card does request 420 watts. The first thing I would do would be to borrow a friend's 500watt PSU and see. (no money spent....) Good Luck.
  5. nano_teck91

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    well i have 2 gigs of pc 4200 533 ram
    intel pentium D 3.00GHz processor
    it is a power up case and the psu came with the barebone so iam guessing that is who makes it
  6. nano_teck91

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    also i have 3 optical drives, and like six fans in all
  7. captaincranky

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    Say Who.....?

    Never heard of "Power Up". Many times the PSU that comes with a case really isn't up to snuff, (or anywhere near it, (whatever snuff has to do with it)). So your PSU has a chance, a good chance of not actually delivering it's rated 400 watts. That combined with the Pentium D's high design wattage, could give you the problems you describe. Here's a link to Newegg's Power supply recommendation article on the subject. Intel states the design power of a Pentium D 830Ghz "Smithfield" is 130 watts, make that a staggering 130 watts.
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