ati theathre 550

By swker98
Nov 8, 2005
  1. does anyonw have one of these cards what makes them different form other tv tuners, im tihnig of gettings one
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    In a nutshell, the 550 has the following edges over the ATI 200 theater chip:
    1) Theater 550 boards are now coupled with the MT2050, which adds tuner support for SECAM, DAVIC, DVB-C, DOCSIS 1.0 to 2.0 and EuroDOCSIS.
    2) The chip itself now performs the MPG2 A/V encode functionality so capturing/recording is done by the chip rather than CPU. This saves CPU effort while capturing or recording.
    3) The 550 has a 5-line comb filter and a full frame comb filter (touted 3D comb filter) which can sharpen text, clear video noise and improve video quality.
    4) The 550 has Digital A/V synchronization circuitry for processing audio which keeps A/V sync'd properly. It uses the PCI bus versus dongle/bypass cabling to your soundcard. This should completely eliminate out-of-sync audio to video of previous combination cards.
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