Atom-based Windows 8 tablets delayed until Jan. over driver issues

By Matthew
Dec 20, 2012
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  1. Although system builders were supposed to dash off the starting line with seemingly dozens of Windows 8 tablets following the operating system's October 25 launch, most major players seem to have stalled at the gates -- particularly when it comes...

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  2. Or for just being slowwww
  3. There is a reason why MS don't issued their surface pro (with windows 8) lineup with atom
  4. Several clovertrail atom tablets are available for a while, I am using acer w510 right now, it's an amazing tablet for me. there are also samsung 500T and asus vivotab, I think thinkpad 2 was launched yesterday. According to anandtech, the issue is some venders(HP/dell) used their own design and got a delay because of a bug, while acer/samsung/asus followed intel's design and got the bug fixed easily.

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