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I checked many websites & forums to solution for my problem before posting the question here. A week back my Computer's Audio started giving me problems. At first the audio used to stop suddenly during normal working & wouldn't return unless I restart my system. So I tried reinstalling my sound driver & was successful in doing that. But now I see an "X" mark near the Sound Icon on my task bar & says "Audio Service is not running" Here are the trouble shooting I did:

Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services

Plug & Play is ON & Automatic

Multimedia is ON & Automatic

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is stopped

Windows Audio is stopped.

I tried starting the Windows audio Endpoint Builder & the following error msg appears:

"windows could not start the windows audio endpoint builder service on local computer"

"Error 0x80070002: The system cannot find the file specified"

Under path for executable, I saw that it is looking for a file named svchost.exe.

File seems to be present at the location though nothing seem to happen when I try double clicking it.

Please help in resolving this issue. Since I purchased an HP Laptop with Windows Vista, they didnt give me a separate Vista DVD to try & reinstall it all over again.



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1) HP usually includes a "Recovery Partition" on your hard drive. You can use to
=> Restore your installation using their Recovery Partition and
=> I usually allow you the option of creating ONE set of recovery DVDs on your own

2) You only want to focus on Windows Audio service. Do you see StartupType= Automatic or ??? Is it's Status=Stopped? Can you restart Windows Audio?
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Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is Stopped & I am unable to start it.
Windows Audio cannot start as long as Endpoint Builder is Stopped.

I saw in another forum a suggestion to edit Registry to remove the dependancy of Audio Service on Endpoint Builder. I made changes & restarted. The sound returned TEMPORARILY.

The sound gets turned off after some time without any reason. I checked to see if any application was causing this to happen, but appears it happens automatically.Please help


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haven't had time yet to look at your specific issue.. but fyi... see this link. You should be able to create a set recovery disks for your computer is you ever need them

will post back again probably sometime tomorrow


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were you able to create your own recovery disks per the link i provided?

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Also tell me if this file exists C:\Windows\System32\Audiosrv.dll
What I did

I do not pretend to be the most knowledgeable person about computers. I saw your thread and it didn't help. I wound up running Services, found the Windows audio and right clicked and went to properties. The tab marked "Dependancies" said it Dependended on three different services. Two of them were not working. Re-enabled them and restarted. Everything works fine for me now. Why it stopped working in the first place, I don't know. Again, I am not a computer tech and I am surprized that no one on the five boards I checked did not have a solution that I stumbled upon. Use this at your own risk.
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