Backup boot issue

By ditnoj
Dec 30, 2006
  1. Hello all,
    I recently used the Windows backup utility to back up my system partition on my laptop. I had just lost an external drive in the middle of a project...I'm sure that never has happened to you but...
    Anyway, My computer then would not boot. I reset it once with the little use-the-end-of-a-paperclip thing on the bottom of the 'puter. It booted once and then nothing. It would stick on the post and my mouse ould flash. It would not boot from my recovery cd.
    Then on a whim (after a night's prayer) I disconnected the drive I had done the back up on. Voila! "It showed an error0280 Previous boot incomplete. Default configuration used." but it booted. I did check and the boot order is CD, Floppy, HDD. Anyway, I am of course as I type backing up the other partitions.

    So the question is, should that happen? Meaning a boot issue related to a connected external drive that has a system backup on it?

    Sony Vaio (2003)
    XP professional
    1G RAM
    80Gb HDD partitioned into C(system), D(Docs), E (AV files)


    D out ITNOJ
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