Bad mobo???

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Sep 10, 2007
  1. so last week I decided to thoroughly clean out my comp. I took the whole thing apart and blew out enough dust to start my own dust bunny army. In doing so I accidently bent 2 pins on the cpu(P4 2.6/512/533). So i went i went online and got another cpu(P4 HT 3.00/1mb/800)got it today looked good had a littl grease on 2 of the pins blew it off cleaned it up(some residue is still there). so I put it in put the heatsink on and fan start pluggung everything back up and started it, nothing. I got the normal 2 lights on the front, the green one inside and nothing on the back(the 4 leds). there is no beeps nothing, no screen, the hard drives, dvd and cd drives do nothing. the only thing that turn on are the 2 fans. so doing a little searching I came across a rightup on this forum on how to diagnose if the psu is working properly, jumped 14 and 15(green and black) plug it up and hello cd, dvd and both hard drives start up. so does this sound like a mobo problem to you or something else? maybe cpu isn't compatible with mobo? its not that different from the original. before doing this I did reformat the main drive to clean out stupid ****, b/c it was getting really bad. but it still worked.
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    sorry its a dell. it rather old at least 3 years i think its a dell 2400 or 4400 will that gray stuff(i guess its a type of grease?) short the pins out to each other? I got the cpu from a guy off of ebay its garented against doa
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    yea the thermal paste. i guess he got some on the pins when cleaning it off or something. there is no name but on the bottom of the case on a sticker it gives the model number to be MYC2 mfg in 7/24/04 aperently most of these compounds use silver as a heat tranfer? so then the pins would be shorting each other out through the silver? which would make it doa, so then I should return it for another? or should I try it in another comp first?

    the front says dell dimension 2400
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    I found this about halfway down Cinders posted some info saying that "Intel® Pentium® 4 that runs at 2.2 or 2.4 GHz internally and 400 MHz externally, or 2.266, 2.4, 2.53, 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz internally and 533 MHz externally.
    did I read that right? does that mean I jumped the gun and got a cpu thats not compatible? since I got 3.00/1mb/800
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    Your processor is not compatible with the motherboard. The cpu you got is a prescott core(1mb) and is also an 800fsb cpu. You need a northwood core p4(512k cache) that's on a 400 or (preferably) 533fsb.

    This would be a good match for you.
    Newegg skt 478 p4 northwood 2.8ghz
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    wow that sucks. I payed 60 shipped for it. hmm I guess I could try and get my money back. thanks for your help guys. I guess it would be best if I get the right cpu before I can say my mobo is dead. When I get another cpu I'll respond back.

    codex let me see what I can do about the cpu i have now and I'll throw you a line.
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