BAD_POOL_CALLER - ntoskrnl.exe

By Bobo6564
Mar 22, 2010
  1. BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER - ntoskrnl.exe

    Can someone help out here? I can't seem to make anything of this.
    Memtest came back clean, scans with malware bytes, spybot and norton are all clean as well.

    Technical Information:

    *** STOP: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007, 0x00000cd4, 0x00000000, 0x88e405f0)

    *** ntoskrnl.exe - Address 0x804f9f43 base at 0x804d7000 DateStamp 0x4b1e9e60

    I have attached the mini-dump.

    System is about a year old, specs:

    OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    System Name LENOVO_555
    System Manufacturer LENOVO
    System Model 9704BDU
    System Type X86-based PC
    Processor x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13 GenuineIntel ~2194 Mhz
    BIOS Version/Date LENOVO 51KT37AUS, 4/10/2008
    SMBIOS Version 2.5
    Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS
    System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    Locale United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
    User Name LENOVO_555\Administrator
    Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time
    Total Physical Memory 2,048.00 MB
    Available Physical Memory 1.02 GB
    Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 1.88 GB
    Page File Space 3.84 GB
    Page File C:\pagefile.sys


    Attached Files:

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Test your hard drive for errors or corrupt files
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