Battery not charging on Toshiba Satellite A215

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I am having issues with charging my toshiba satellite A215. When I plug in my adapter it will say charging for a few minutes and then it will say plugged in and not charging...Has anyone experienced this and can tell me what the issue could be??? Thanks


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First you should check if the battery is correctly installed in the battery socket.
If it is, check if the cable is correctly plugged and that nothing is stuck in the cable port. Last, you could check if the cable is broken.

If none of these, i'm sorry, i can't help you.


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test this by removing the battery and just connect the mains if it works fine the charger is fine put the battery back in charge for 2 hours while switched off if when you turn it back on it says it needs charging it will be a faulty battery or the cells in the battery are faulty, there is a utility
called a battery discharge program from toshiba free download utility which completly drains the battery then you need to charge for 12 hours while off, if problem remains with just battery connected the battery is faulty and will need to be replaced.

gguerra - Batteries for the computer is really expensive. so I don't want to spend that much on a battery and that not be the issue. I don't see why it would be the battery since it will charge for a few minutes and then say not charging. I would think if it was the battery it would not charge period. Im thinking from reading other websites and everything that it could be a connection in the charging port.

ease the pain - where can I find that program? How come it is soo hard to email toshiba...if your not ordering something new, there is no way to email...just call and be on hold forever.

Thanks for your help everyone.


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If the battery is bad, it is bad. No software will help this. If this "utility which completly drains the battery" was used on a brand new battery, it would probably help extend the overall life of the battery. On a battery that has developed a "memory", it is too late
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