Beginning dump of physical memory Blue Screen Error

By Falkor · 9 replies
Mar 17, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I am having a problem with my computer, whenever I try to put in more then one stick of RAM, I Get the Beginning dump of physical memory Blue Screen Error. Ive tryed everything I could think of, Uninstalling programs, checking task manager's apps list (nothing unusual was running), got a totally new motherboard, and got new memory.

    Heres the specs on my computer:
    Im running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 (Fully updated)
    Its a Intel 82845 Pentium 4 1.60 Ghz Motherboard
    Onboard Sound
    Radeon 9200 Video Card (up to date drivers)

    Could someone please help me? It would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Bobbye

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  3. Falkor

    Falkor TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I currently a one stick of PC133 128Mb installed, Im trying to add an addional stick of PC133 128Mb, and I didnt know there was a configuration for RAM.
  4. Bobbye

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    Physical Dump/ BSOD/ RAM


    What is PC133?
    PC133 is a specification for a 133 MHz Synchronous DRAM memory module. It is an enhancement to the original specification for PC100 memory modules.

    The Intel 845's 82845 MCH supports Socket 478–based Celeron or Pentium 4 processors and can support up to two DDR SDRAM modules or three standard SDRAM modules (depending on the motherboard)

    Please check the site I left for RAM. I do not have enough information from you to determine the type of RAM module you need.

  5. Falkor

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  6. Bobbye

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    Beginning dump

    You will find the RAM information here:

    It was not my intention to do this for you however. But since I did, you'll see you have 3 slots- running Windows XP on only 128MB RAM is running very lean. Even adding another 128MB leaves you with less that best. Go for as much as you can within the specs and see if that will take care of the BSOD problem.

  7. Paolo

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    how will i know what type or what kb/mb/gb of memory i need to plug in to my mother board so the blue screen wont pop out again???
    pls help me..ty
  8. Bobbye

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    You're going to have to put out some effort! I left the Crucial site for RAM. You should have at least 512MB of RAM to run Windows XP.

    Read the manufacturer's spec for the motherboard:
    Number of Slots:
    Slot 1
    Slot 2
    Slot 3
    Each memory slot can hold SDRAM, PC133 with a maximum of 512MB per slot.*
  9. thakre

    thakre TS Rookie

    begining dump of physical memory

    Server Xeon 2.8 GHZ, 1 GB ECC RAM, OS WIN 2003 server, IDE Hard Disk 80 GB have blue screen following error when server starting

    Beginning dump of Physical memory
    Dumping physical memory to disk : 3 ( it is increasing )

    and server is not starting

    Please give me solution if u have
  10. Bobbye

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    thakre, I just realized that you have posted on an old thread. My mistake as I thought your reply belonged here.

    Please start a new thread, giving YOUR specific problems AND computer information.
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