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Feb 15, 2010
  1. Well I recently bought a PS3, and it has quickly made me realize just how much of a POS my tv is. So I have been doing some looking around online for a HDTV, but I'm not really sure what size to buy. What I'm wondering is there a size when the cost per inch of TV you get is the best? I have been looking in the 37" - 40" range so far.
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    ok how much do you want to spend
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    I was thinking in the $700-800 area.
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    If you are using an external game machine and TV tuner, such as a Set Top Box from cable, SAT, etc you can use an HD monitor rather than a full TV. Monitors tend to run smaller, but less expensive than full HDTV sets.

    How large depends partly on how far away you will be sitting. If you get a 48" screen, and sit 24" away, you won't see the entire image without turning your head, and that can get quite tiresome after a 2 hour movie.

    I just purchased an 24" wide screen HD monitor for my computer for $250.
    It does not have the TV guts as I intend it to be mainly a computer monitor. I will be connecting the STB from Verizon FIOS using the HDMI connectors, so I will have HDTV and the computer on the same monitor.
    I will be only about 24" from the screen, so 24" screen is the perfect size.

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