Better Router or not neccesary?

By Sickem
Jun 25, 2006
  1. ok here we go
    i haave a dsl router which has built in wireless(if that matters). i was wondering if its possible to buy a router that makes connection faster. like for example a router that can speed up downloads and uploads my router is pretty fast its a Westell 327w but i was just wondering if there is a way to buy a different dsl router that is faster and better. i could always buy a wireless router for my wireless conections. but what i want is a faster router that i can replace the one that connects to my comp with through ethernet. if that doesnt make sense reply telling me that and i will try to make it more understandable-

    Feel free if it is possible to reccomend products
    Thanks SIckem
  2. fastco

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    What is your DSL modem standard? 802.11b or g? If it's G then the only thing you could do is buy a new Pre N router or MIMO (Multiple In/ Multiple out) which is theoretically supposed to have speeds up to 108mbps as apposed to 54mbps for G and 11mbps for B. The catch is that the computer that you are connecting to the MIMO router has to have a Pre N /MIMO card as well. One thing that is true of the pre-n is that the range is increased pretty well for the wireless signal. So if you have a 802.11g DSL wireless router then your speeds are pretty goo and I wouldn't change anything.

    Good article;
  3. Sickem

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    yeah its 802 thanks
  4. N3051M

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    yep.. fastco covered nearly all of the wifi side of things..

    what type of speed increase are you aiming for? internet speed, wireless speed or network speed?

    -internet speed cannot be changed unless you have a deal with your ISP

    -wifi speed can only be changed by upgrading to the latest standard, starting from 108G, Pre-N and MiMo. And like fastco said, any machine that wants to take advantage of such increse must have the same standard wifi card as well

    -Network speed could also say the same as the aformetioned wifi. Currently my guess would be that the router is using 100mbps ethernet for the cables. there is 1gbps available (for a while now) and like the story of the wifi, both must have the same type of connection to take advantage.

    but they (network/wifi speed) are backwards compatible, its just you wont get the speed you pay for...
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