BIOS errors

By Tambourine
Dec 31, 2005
  1. Hello Guys!
    Having abit of a problem obviously.
    It all started a week ago when I noticed the cpu temp was abit too high. I opened it up and removed some layers of dust from the heatsink below the cpufan. Put all pieces together and reboot.
    Then I got a CMOS Checksum Error, so I went into BIOS and choosed Fail-Safe Settings, save and exit. No error msg now, but it just reboots everytime it gets to the winxp logo.
    How annoying!
    Anyway, I've tried a few things, but since I'm really no computerguru I didnt want to go too far myself. Here's a list of things I've tried and obviously didnt work.

    -Inserted Ultimate Boot CD, and checked the RAM's.

    -Changed the CMOS Battery.

    -Tried to reinstall windows, or atleast repair it, but it wouldnt let me, I got to the point when it checks the hardware then I received a blue Stop Error Screen the first try. Second try I got a black screen which told me something like this: "TRAP 00000006 = = = = EXC*PTION ===....."

    Thing is, that I can progress into windows, If I clear the CMOS with the jumper on my mobo and then press F1(continue) when booting. But that's the only way, I have to do that everytime I want to restart.

    The CMOS Checksum Error isnt constant, sometimes it says "CPU settings has been changed or cpu ratio..."

    I'm all out of clues here, anyone? :)
  2. gooderguy

    gooderguy TS Enthusiast Posts: 68

    Couple suggestions

    First you might want to get yourself some sylicon to put on your CPU before putting the heatsink back on it. Just make sure you clean off any old sylicon from CPU and heatsink.

    Also I've seen similar problems with Windows XP not booting, rebooting or not installing with various errors and blue screens cause by incorect CPU and/or RAM clock speeds in the BIOS.

    It's not always an easy task to figure out what the clock speed is for a CPU. You might have to do some research on you motherboard and CPU website or manuals to figure that out.

    Good luck.
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