Black screen twice on my Vista


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Earlier I was surfing when the monitor went black & the laptop shut down. Simple as that/ I booted it up & no problems till a few minutes ago it happened again. Both times I had two tabs open. I'm going to save what needed in case I do a factory restore.` Vista Home Premium


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As odd as this may sound, is there any possibility room heat could affect my laptop?
My laptop is well ventilated but these past two days it has been 75 to 85 in my room. Fan on FULL blast. I too am overheating but .....................................:)


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Higher than normal, but still fine. Either the laptop was under load, or you somehow covered the fans.


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Are these ok or not? It seems a bit warmer than normal
the temps are almost the same as my old acer laptop, intel core 2 duo 1.6ghz, windows vista home premium x86 dual boot with windows 7 home premium x64.
what I do to lower temperature is to add something like an old worn out mouse pad so that there is more clearance or air space between the base of the laptop and the surface it was placed on.

(I also previously used a cheap laptop usb fan cooler which helped bring down the temp.)


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Ok, I know it is NOT advised to do so, but after I posted those temps, I immediately shut it down & after it cooled all the way down, I blew into the two vent like areas & then booted it back up. It has been running fine since then.
I now have a piece of wood under the laptop. :)


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@Cobalt006 , I think it's partly my fault its over heating since laptops aren't intended to be on 24/7/365 & not to mention it's been unusually warm (hot) here lately.
When its cooler, it runs fine. Still, I'm not going to let it run non-stop like I was. Thanks. :)


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Keep it well ventilated . Maybe even a small fan on it. When you do have it on. If the weather their is getting hot. It will hopefully be fine then.:)