Blackberry wireless and ICS with 802.11b cards problem

By kshroben
Aug 28, 2006
  1. My home network consists of three computers: the main computer (AP) connects to the Internet via a wired DSL connection from Verizon. The other two computers share the Internet connection through ASUS 802.11b cards that access the AP in order to get access to the Internet.
    Recently I acquired a blackbery wireless phone/device and installed the software that came with it, namely the VZManager from Verizon and the Desktop Manager from Blackberry. After installing the software the two clients are not able to access the Internet. Since I know that the wireless cards and the blackberry use radio signals, I stopped using the blackberry phone but to no avail. After I uninstalled the VZManager and the Blackberry software I was able to regain connectivity in the two clients.
    Is there a way to make the ASUS 802.11b cards compatible with the Verizon VZManager software or with the blackberry Desktop Manager? Can someone diagnose remotely what the problem is? Any input will be greatly appreciated.

    My setup is as follows:
    Access Point:
    Windows XP Home Edition
    Asus A8v mobo Deluxe
    Athlon64 3500
    80 gig Western Digital IDE Hard drive
    1 Gig pc3200 memory
    Nvidia Geforce Fx5700 v. 91.94
    Asus wi-fi@home wiressless card 802.11g AP

    The two clients are:
    Windows 2000 sp4 with all updates installed
    A7n8x Deluxe mobos
    Athlon XP 3200 running at 2.3 ghz.
    ASUS wi-fi@home 802.11b cards
    80 gig IDE HDD Western Digital
    Nvidia Geforce fx5200 video cards
    1 gig corsair pc3200 memory
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