Blank Monitor At Computer Startup

By Lunarijin
Sep 8, 2008
  1. Hello everyone,

    I bought a new computer about 3 weeks ago, building it myself and had no problems with much of anything except with the display.

    My computer setup is: 4GB 1066 G.Skill RAM, HIS Raedon 4870, ASUS Rampage Formula, Intel E8500, Chimei 22" monitor, and a Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W. (For the more vital system components) Windows Vista 32 Bit SP1, great cooling on everything. I have my computer setup with a CoolerMaster Stacker Case, all the right fans in the right spots and I monitor the heat otherwise i'd think that was a problem.

    I tried starting my computer today and the monitor did not post. So I unplugged it and plugged my IC Power 19" monitor in and it received a signal. I then plugged the 22" monitor back into the DVI port and it worked... (lol it was stuck in 1280x1024) so I restarted and it didn't display again.

    It happened before where the 22" wasn't showing anything so I bought new DVI cables and it seemed to work fine for about 2 weeks, then stopped just today. I changed the DVI cables around and they worked for the 19" but not the 22". I'd say it is the monitor but i'm unsure of that considering I was able to get it to work again. I never had this problem with my old computer, this happened the first time about 2 days after I had my new computer setup.

    Any ideas on what could be happening or causing this? The 22" still works, it's just not receiving a signal when the computer turns on.

    I found it odd that nothing showed for the 22", then I plug the 19" and it displayed, then I went back to the 22" and it displayed. It happened the other day and I was able to restart a few times and it finally showed up on the 22"... It's only 9 months old so I don't want to believe that it is it... but i'm just not sure... I was thinking it's not the RAM, but possibly the mobo, video card, or the monitor.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated
  2. Tedster

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    read the no post guide in the guides forum
  3. Lunarijin

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    Thanks for the guide tip, but it's not a posting issue, it's loading to the desktop. When it first happened I thought it was a post issue, then I heard the windows startup noise and plugged in a different monitor and it had worked.

    When I plug my 22" it was doing fine, it's just that it stopped working when I had to restart my computer. With the computer on and loaded to the desktop I switch to my 19 inch monitor. This shows a display, then when I had switched it earlier to the 22" after seeing the 19" working, it displayed but with the wrong resolution settings.

    I restarted the computer at that point and the 22" wasn't showing a signal again and I put the 19" in again and it picked up the signal. A few hours later I did plug in the 22" again and it worked during the post. I'm kind of confused at what the actual problem is since it's not the cords and the video card seems to be working fine as well as the mobo because the 19" had no problem. I don't understand how it could work for one monitor, and not the other... Then begins working for the 22" once more.

    Thank you though, that was a great guide, it just isn't quite it what my problem is. I've run tests on the memory and video card and they've both seemed fine in real-time performance.
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