Blue Death screen, Unmountable boot volume

By Doomangelsc
May 22, 2008
  1. Hello I'm new to this so please forgive my mistakes.
    After playing a game an it crashed I did an emergency shut down while it was recovering (I know stupid thing to do) well when restarting my pc I get the as far as the boot screen then goes to the blue screen with "unmountable boot volume" at the bottom It had Stop 0X000000ED then several more numbers like this.

    I can't get any further than this even when trying all safe modes it goes to the same blue screen..
    I did try f12 and got to Boot device menu and did a hard drive diagnostics and it came up: Drive 0: Samsung SP2504C - Fail return code 7

    After going thru the forum at Dell (I have a dell xps 410) I got a response stating I need a new hard drive which scares me to death especially since this pc is only a year and a half years old.

    I also have the option to speak to a tech from Dell for $39 (since my warranty is up just recently) Does anyone think I have a chance of saving my hard drive? Should I try a tech?

    Please help any help is so greatly appreciated
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