Blue screen during windows xp installation

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Hi - I'm in over my head

Recently my pc got infected by several viruses due to plain lazyness. So I backed up my files and decided to reinstall to get proper fresh start and a new proper antivirus and malware protection. Fine...

But when I wanted to reinstall some problems arose: when starting up the install programme I'm asked wether to install scsi drivers from a floppy and answer yes, since I want my OS on my SATA 320gb drive. It all seemed to work just fine until I got to the point where I need to choose the slow or fast way of installing, and when choosing the slow one it just crashes at once telling me something about "IRQL less than equal". When choosing the fast option the error doesn't occur until switching form "Preparing installation" to "Installing windows".

I somehow thought it was me harddrive messing up (which it might be??) so I got a new one, and the new one was fine by doing the slow way and formatting the new drive, but the same problem occured when it was about to start the install process.

I've also gotten messages like "bad pool-something"

The cpu, ram, all connections and wires seem fine - could it be the power supply?
outdated drivers? The insides of my pc are pretty dusty

By now it's just booting, restarting install process and re-booting...

I'm in tears

My specs:

Windows XP Home
gigabite GA-k8n-sli
4 blocks of 521mb ram
AMD athlon 64 +3500
Nvidia Geforce gt7800 (I think)
Sata 320gb harddrive
power: axt12v. Rating output watts 400w, input 230v, 50hz, 4a


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You got infected by manyvirues and you made a backup of them? smart. -.-
If you still have hard drives that aint cleaned on your PC, wipe them too, or move the content out of them, they can make the windows instalation go nuts, other than that i dont know.


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could it be the power supply?
The insides of my pc are pretty dusty
This one concerns me a lot.
I believe most of these Hardware faults are caused by the components running hot trying to get the minimal amount of cool air through dusty fans.

It would be advisable to first blow out all internal dust.
Easier said than done!
One way to do this, is to disconnect all PCI cards, ram, and drive data connections, and literally blow out all dust (ideally with a high preasure air)
Another option is to remove the dust via a vacuum cleaner (with a plastic tip) but this will not remove the dust inside the PowerSupply or even in the CPU HeatSink area. You can purchase compressed air cans too.

You got infected by manyvirues and you made a backup of them? smart
Actually this is smart. Many users prefer to backup, under infection, and then re-install Windows. An excellent idea. And even suggested many times here at TechSpot.
Once Windows has been fully installed (you may need to reply here for more help)
And once Antivirus software has been installed and updated (AVG Free is good)
You can also use Spyware protection such as Spybots S&D
Please create a system restore point, and then return your backup data.

In all scenarios please reply back for more guidance or the outcome of getting Windows to install.
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