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Blue Screen of Death - STOP Errors

  1. One of the most dreaded events for people asking for help on this site is the BSOD (Blue screen of Death).

    The first task is to find out what the STOP code means. That is only the start, as it is then necessary to establish the meaning of the parameters. Those are the four codes contained in (brackets) that follow the STOP error and indicate, amongst other aspects, the type of error and where it occurred

    Frequently the BSOD cannot be read, as the computer enters a reboot cycle. If this is the case, usually by tapping F8 immediately after the post screen, will get you to the Advanced Boot Options.
    You can then select - Disable Restart on failure.

    There are a number of sites where STOP errors may be searched.
    However I think it useful to have a list of some of the sites in one place.

    1. A Microsoft site containing details of most STOP codes. The Search can be used to locate the appropriate one.

    2. PC Support



    5. MarcLiron.com

    6. Labmice.net

    7. Microsoft Support Centre.

    8. InternetFixes

    Together, these sites provide information for possibly ALL the Stop Codes encountered.

    Posted with due acknowledgement to the sites listed.

    Finally, for those searching HERE before asking for help on the forum. If you have just installed a registry cleaner, you were probably amazed that you could have hundreds, or even over a thousand errors on your computer. The installed programme then cleaned them all for you. You then rebooted and looked in horror at the Blue Screen of Death. I regret to say that you may well have found out the hard way - DO NOT USE registry cleaners.


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