Blue Screen On Startup, No Way out. HELP!

By audacity
Aug 21, 2007
  1. Ok, heres the deal, last night, i decided to turn my computer off through the start -> shut down, but i accidently clicked restart, so, being impatient as i am, i just held the power button down like an *****, and turned it off.

    now, my computer will not start up, it gets to the windows splash with the dots, and blue screens the "BAD_POOL_CALL" error, and restarts, and so,

    I tried reformatting, I get to the WINDOWS EULA, and press F8 for "I accept" and then it blue screens with the "PAGE_IN_UNPAGED" or whatever error,

    I try going into safe mode, computer shuts down and restarts with no blue screen, same with windows console, and recovery console, and "Last known good settings"

    I have also cleaned out my computer, moved the ram chips, disconnected everything but mouse, keyboard, moniter, and cd, no good either.

    What do you guys think, is it time for a new harddrive?
  2. audacity

    audacity TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any ideas at all?

    sorry i cant post the dmp files, i cant access anything.


    will getting a new hardrive, and then accessing my old harddrive (copying data etc) work?
  3. audacity

    audacity TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the help??
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