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Blue Screen

By SinOfDeath ยท 4 replies
Aug 26, 2009
  1. So i Have Been Searching Google And The Forums For This Topic Exactly But Haven't Been Able To Find Anything. This Has Happened Before And I Did A Clean Install With The Recovery Disks I made With HP. So I Had To Sign Up To Create A New Thread So Just For A Moment I Will Welcome Myself Here " Welcome Austin" "Thank You" OK So Lets Get To The Chase, My Computer Keeps Shutting Down To A Blue Screen I Haven't Been Able To Catch The Actual Problem From the Blue Screen Because It Happens When I'm Not Here So I Turned Off Auto Restart I Will Update This Forum When I Get the Info But For Now I Have This From The Windows Diagnostics Tool Thing That Comes Up after The Restart So Exactly Copy and Pasted Unedited Info Right Here

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 4105

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 3b
    BCP1: 00000000C0000005
    BCP2: FFFFF80002046170
    BCP3: FFFFFA600DFA80F0
    BCP4: 0000000000000000
    OS Version: 6_0_6002
    Service Pack: 2_0
    Product: 768_1

    Files that help describe the problem:
    C:\Users\Austin Morrison\AppData\Local\Temp\WER-12249167-0.sysdata.xml
    C:\Users\Austin Morrison\AppData\Local\Temp\WERFF77.tmp.version.txt

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    (Wont Let Me Post Link Sry But Its Just To The Privacy Statement And Who Wants To Read That)

    There IS The Exact Info Any Tips Or Anything Will help i Really Just Need To Know If There IS A Fix Or Not... OH And I Haven't Connected Anything New To My Computer In A While But I Have Disconnected And Reconnected My Microphone From Logitech For Rockband So Thats About All I Can Give You For Now PLZ REPLY
  2. snowchick7669

    snowchick7669 TS Maniac Posts: 660

    HI there,

    If you could locate your minidumps stored in

    Start > My Computer > Local Disk C: > Windows > Minidump

    Please attach the latest 3-4 to your next post.

    Thanks :)
  3. SinOfDeath

    SinOfDeath Topic Starter

    Ok there You Go I Had To .ZIP Them Thought they Were Like 50 KB's Over Size
  4. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 7,409   +809

  5. SinOfDeath

    SinOfDeath Topic Starter

    Ok Sorry but back to the big issue WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER It hasn't done the blue screen in a bit now i think its been 1 day but ive moved my computer so it is getting a little more air intake so maybe it was just overheating?
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