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Aug 12, 2008
  1. i get message that bluetooth device not found, this inspite that drivers are loaded from the company's website and also from the cd received with the laptop. i have lenovo laptop y500, and os is xp sp2. how do i rectify this? pl advice
  2. CCT

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  3. radnam

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    Is it that you are not able to locate only one particular device or are you not able to get any devices on the system ?
  4. nko

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    cct : i had tried that link to no avail.
    radnam: i have not been able to get the deivce on the system
  5. radnam

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    HEy nko

    Tell me has this issue been with your laptop since the beginning. i.e is the laptop a new laptop or a old one.

    Try and check if there is any switch to switch on the blue tooth that you have missed out.

    waiting for your reply

  6. nko

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    my laptop initially reflected the bluetooth, but later it is giving message device not found. bluetooth switch is kept on.
  7. LookinAround

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    Hi nko

    I was one of those people personally involved in the bluetooth driver wars with MS back when SP2 was first released. The problem: MS's initial BT release in SP2 was crap. And, it seemed no one among a loose nationwide alliance of techies (me included) could find a way to make XP install any BT driver other then its own. Until finally. Until finally, Mission Accomplished!

    I recently helped a TS user who, no matter what she did, XP chose the wrong driver for her music device even tho she kept uninstalling drivers, disabling drivers, and trying to find ways to tell it the exact driver she was supplying.

    So i'm willing to give it my best shot: Could you please walk through your problem again being sure to mention part numbers, driver versions, steps you took that failed, etc. Hopefully can help make sense of it for you.
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