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Ever since today, the favicons from my bookmarks are missing and now they are replaced by blank pages that look like paper.

I have tried resetting the browser and clearing my cookies, but nothing worked. Maybe the update had to do with it, but now I'm not so sure about that. Rebooting the computer also did not help either.

Can someone please help me out with this here? I don't like having blank pages for favicons.


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Run CLEANMGR under your personal login and again under the ADMINISTRATOR login

Be sure to [x] the THUMNAILS

Close all windows and then, get a command prompt and enter
explorer %USERPROFILE%\Pictures
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Hey, don't know if this would help you, but for me the issue was fixed when I removed an extension that I found to be classified as PUA.


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Yes, I agree, you should check your Extension Manager and remove any unfamiliar or suspicious extensions. To be frank I have never even installed any extension apart from the very basic ones like Google Docs or a video downloader. It doesn't mean of course that there are no useful or reliable extensions but I do believe it is best to keep their number to the minimum.

If this doesn't help you, I would consider installing the latest browser version after uninstalling this one even if it meant to lose the browsing history. By the way, you can save the bookmarks and most likely your browsing history as well, so do that before uninstalling it.

One more thing... if the above don't help you, I would also recommend that you run a proper malware scanner like Malwarebytes (free version) as well as Adwcleaner. I usually use these after running Windows Defender just in case.
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