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Apr 23, 2009
  1. Now I may know the reason for my boot error.. but am unable to think of a way to fix it. Well the only way I thought of, I didn't want to try (total system reboot - losing all my files) but I finally resigned myself to it, but that didn't work either.

    Basically I downloaded a patch for a system32 driver - tcpip.sys to be exact, managed to replace the file but after reboot windows wouldn't load (vista). Safety mode wouldn't even work (since tcpip.sys is a vital driver).

    When I tried to format using my Windows Vista OS CD I got to the 'press any key to boot from CD screen' which I dutifully pressed any key, then a loading bar appeared - loading windows files. When it completed it loaded the background for Windows Vista before you log in - but there was nothing on screen, no log-in options, no other options at all. The screen was empty but not blank.

    I have no idea what to do. I can't even format if it won't give me the option to (although if someone knows of a way of replacing the tcpip.sys file with the original without losing my files I would greatly appreciate it).

    Any system specs you need to know, let me know.

    Windows Vista
    AMD Phenom 9550 Quadcore Processor 2200MHz
    4GB Ram, AMD 770 Chipset Motherboard

    Any ideas would be gratefully received, thank you.
  2. VMSandman

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    Have you tried deleting the partition and repartitioning the drive?
  3. gguerra

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  4. VistaXPNewbie

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    I think there was a problem with my boot disc but I managed to find another and used it to 'repair my pc' to get to command prompt - thus moving all my files onto my external hdd before wiping my hdd and reinstalling vista.

    Anyone know the command to move entire directories across drives using command prompt? Vista? I'm having to move files from each folder currently - taking hours.

    Thank you for your ideas and help so far.
    On the bright side I'm learning how to use command prompt like a fiend :)
  5. gguerra

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    don't know about vista but with XP the XCOPY command is still around

    i.e. XCOPY D:\My Documents\*.* C:\My Documents /s/e

    This command should copy My Documents with all it's sub folders intact from one drive to another. The "/S" switch will tell it that.. The "/E" switch will also copy empty folders
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