Bootable tools for PC troubleshooting?

By rodion15
Sep 26, 2016
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  1. What bootable software tools do PC techs use for PC troubleshooting? ..if any.
    I know in OS X it's very useful to boot form a bootable OS X hard drive or SSD with some tools. Not sure if this is done with PCs (perhaps because the needed drivers for all PCs can't be put into a single bootable Windows, I don't know). I heard about Hiren's boot CD (not sure it's legal?) and Ultimate Boot CD, not sure if they're good at all.
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    I boot to a Linux Mint flash drive. It allows me to literally see everything in windows, including system and hidden files/folders. It can actually get system restore points that I can copy to use on a rescue reboot (using an install disk). I also recommend to everyone to backup, backup, and backup your backup, without forgetting that you'll need to use an emergency boot disk (usually createable) from which ever backup program you're utilizing, or your backups are just a waste as you cannot boot to use them! Amazing amazing how many repair calls I've gotten because of just how many people do not realize that!
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    Very useful answers, thank you!

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