BrDr issues on Windows XP system

By PStatus
Jan 21, 2008
  1. I was reading the thread posted by member "Kindwoman" in relations to my BrDr problems also. I'm experiencing the same symptoms she described, except my laptop seems to be in better condition thus far. Prior I ran Registry Booster, Spy Eraser, and Speed Up My PC. I already had AVG Free Edition virus as well as Sygate Personal Firewall. Thus far my pc performance remains rather running fast; except for popups the BrDr problems cause at shutdown and startup and as I browse the internet. I'm following the steps of the thread "Viruses/Spyware/Malware, preliminary removal instructions" and will post my results and 3 log files in my thread as stated once I finish. Just want someone to check my log files and let me know of any other potential problems I may have afterwards. I'll post them momentarily as I finish the 15 steps. Thanks a bunch!
  2. PStatus

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    BrDr is no more!!! Here are my results.

    Hello. I'm new to posting on here so I hope I'm doing this correctly. I followed all 15 steps and now my computer seems to be working just fine. When I load up or close down the XP OS, no dll errors are now being reported. BrDr seems to be history!!! Thanks for such great instructions :)

    The results of the Panda Antirootkit scan are as follows:

    Panda Anti-Rootkit results:

    Items scanned: 5685

    Rootkits detected: 0
    Known Rootkits: 0
    Unknown Rootkits: 0

    Rootkits removed: 0
    Rootkits sent to Panda: 0

    Attached are my 3 log files. If someone has time to review the logs I would greatly appreciate it. I just hope my computer is finally problem free. Thanks again for any help and/or reviews on it.
  3. kimsland

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    I am not a malware expert, but I cannot see any malware files in your HJT log.
    You may receive other replies on removing non-needed entries, but it looks safe to me.

    Well done, by the way, everything done perfectly by you.
  4. PStatus

    PStatus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your input! At least I know I'm safe now ;)
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