Broken graphics card

Hey guys! Im having some serious issues with my graphic card and i was hoping that someone would be able to help me out a bit. 2 years ago I bought a gaming pc with the following specs (see below) I sent in my pc for repairs once but i got blown off saying it was fine and i had to pay shitloads of money to get it back. Problems are back and im clueless! I have worked with fixing pc's myself and I know what the problem is but how can i prove this for the techs that work wher ei bought my pc!

Up till a few month ago it ran everything smoothly. I played games like wow, spore and black and white and didnt have any problems. Lately however i played Aion, Black and white and Skyrim and my graphic card drivers keeps crashing when im gaming. It have happend 3 times in 5 minutes at the worst and that's just when you stand still doing nothing. I have tried everything when it comes to the drivers and the only thing left is that the card simply is broken.

I have not overclocked my pc in any way however i do have some issues with my USB ports but I'm pretty sure its not relevant. I have a Logitech g19 keyboard and just about a month ago i had my first one replaced because it started to fall out and lose power. I said to the techs when i sent in my pc that i had issues with it but they seemed very sure that they were fine! Day 2 of having the new keyboard the same sh*t starts over and it will have a nerd-rage now and then so i have to reboot my pc for it to work. The rest of my usb ports has the same thing and my units keeps falling out as they please. but hey working as intended :)

So i can either continue to pester the people i bought my pc from or i can just buy a new graphic card.. i've been looking at a gtx 560 but noticed it has that new GDDR5 SDRAM. Would this matter when my mother board is ddr3? I havent been reading up on such things lately so im having my doubts there :p

Anyways thanks for reading this! I "hope" someone have had similar experiences and can come with some advice.

Intel® Core™ i7-860 Processor 2.80 ghz
ASUS P7P55D PRO, P55, Socket-1156
Kingston ValueR. DDR3 1333MHz 4GB
XFX GeForce GTX 260 680M 896MB PhysX


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What PSU, brand and wattage does the system have?
Having power issues via USB and graphics card issues with higher power consumption/newer more graphically intensive games would have me wondering if there is an issue with it.

There is no issue with DDR3/GDDR5 compatibility. The video memory mounted on the graphics card is accessed via the PCI-E bus that the graphics card is connected to the motherboard with. It doesn't rely on the memory controllers/chipset of the motherboard. Only the system memory (Kingston ValueR. DDR3 1333MHz 4GB) in the motherboard memory slots needs to be DDR3.
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Chieftec Super Series 650W PSU

This is my power supply. I dont think i need more with the graphic card i have now atleast.
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I tried running Furmark to check if overheating was the problem but its 50 degrees ideling, and running the worst test there was it reached 81 degrees which is under the danger zone as far as i know. the whole gtx 200's series are a bit hotter than the useal graphic cards so i dont consider 81 degrees alarming. I did also however leave skyrim on when i went to bed while running furmark's GPU shark and it clocked in at about 60 degrees when running the game. When i woke up this morning my pc had rebooted so leaving skyrim on too long made it crash apparently hehe. Dunno how to use this but im gonna contact the company i bought the pc from again and hear if they got any clue. Sending it in before christmas is not an option anyways :/