BSOD after installing Windows XP pro

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Feb 7, 2009
  1. ok i have to say that it is getting more & more difficult to find where to post jumbled..

    i digress.. anyways...i have a HP pavillion 1710n that had windows vista home premium on it and of course i don't want that crap on there so i am installing windows xp pro on it..i have come across the bsod after the install is done and is booting into windows for the first the install goes just fine..i have ran pc check 6.0 and all tests passed just fine...i have used two known good Sata Hdd's and i still get all the way through the xp pro install and as i boot into windows i get the bsod..the stop codes that it gives i can't find any info on at all..except the first code 0X0000007B we all know what that one means.i have looked at the website for the error but as usual microsoft is full of nothing but nub programmers so i am stuck..its not a boot sector virus or a bad hdd so don't tell me that..there is a card reader in the system and i have seen the unknown disk no disk inserted thing when installing windows at the partition window..i fixed that though..i am not sure where to go from here or just need another set of ears on this one..thanks alot techspot

    thanks Juston Conrad
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    Hi OpTiMuSpRiMe

    When you clicked on the Windows OS tab did you not notice the sub forum at the top? That's were your BSOD queries go :) That thread may be moved to that forum.

    Can you actually boot into windows? Its unclear to me as to whether the BSOD comes up when you first boot and there after or just the first time you boot.

    Follow the instruction HERE

    You need to mount it to CD and boot from that. It will check your RAM and CPU for problems. If anything is found then generally the hardware needs replacing. Run it for 7 passes.
    This will rule out a RAM issue. With you not getting the stop code then we may as well look into everything. Unfortunately there isn't a description for all of them so i can see why your searching hasn't pulled anything back.

    Then if you can boot run check disk.

    If problems are found usually they mean a replacement again but sometimes not.
    I know you say they are working but you may as well be sure. If you can boot then try installing the hard drive in another PC and running from there.

    See what happens
  3. mflynn

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    Juston what happens if you boot to Safe Mode?

  4. OpTiMuSpRiMe

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    well the system boots just fine..when it goes to boot into widows and is initializing drivers it gives me the bsod..but i figured it out last night guys so thanks...
  5. mflynn

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    Well let us know what you did to fix it!

    That is what we are all about!

    It may help someone else!

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