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Dec 27, 2009
  1. I am working on a friend's computer and am a little stumped. I get the CPU Fan Alert, previous fan failure when it boots. I hit F1 to go past that because the cpu fan appears to be running completely normal. It boots, and then when you click on a profile to log in, it immediately goes to blue screen and shuts down. I can't even get the blue screen error code before it shuts down, but assume it is tied to the cpu fan alert on boot. The computer is not getting doesn't even have time to get hot before it shuts down, and it happens when you try to login every time. Can't even get into Windows to look at drivers etc. Any suggestions?
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    Replace the fan... or perhaps the thermal paste between the heat sink and the cpu. Replacing the entire fan and heat sink is a better choice. The system is detecting problems with the fan... perhaps speed, or wobble, or resulting heat. You likely do not have a way to detect the heat without a specific temperature measuring device.
    What you do have is a problem that your computer and operating system have alerted you must fix if you want the computer to run. It is not a case of you being able to detect heat better than the system board can do.
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    I replaced the fan and it is doing the same thing. It blue screens and shuts down as soon as you click on a profile to log in. Could it be windows? Or the motherboard?
    I don't think it's heat related because it doesn't even have time to heat up before it shuts down and it does it at the same time every time. I think I might try an OS repair and reinstall drivers if I can get into windows.
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    And you have reformatted and reinstalled your hard drive?

    Compaq does have some bad boards.
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    Sorry just trying to get my 5 posts so i could post my thread. Good luck with finding a solution
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