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May 4, 2008
  1. I recently built a computer about one month ago. And now about a week ago I get BSOD anytime I start a game and sometimes as I log onto my profile in XP. I've reinstalled XP twice and did a system restore to before the time the BSOD's started poping up. I seem to get 0x0000008e 0x00000050 0x000000a a lot but i've gotten others like 0x000000e3. I have no idea what to do. I thought it was ram but i took my old ram back and put in new ram and still got the same problem. McAfee and Windows one care both dont detect any viruses but every time I run a scan I get a BSOD which leads me to think a virus. The only time I completed a scan was in safe mode. I'm a hardware guy not a software guy so please help me out and make it as simple as possible. I don't want to lose my $1400 system already.
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    If you're still getting the BSOD's after you've reinstalled XP it's likely either the fault of defective hardware, or, some seriously conflicting driver issue (which keeps occurring because you're installing the same drivers each time you reinstall XP).

    Can you get into Safe Mode?
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    Just a suggestion...since it appears that your month old computer for 3 weeks or so you ran fine til your BSODs started popping up a week or so ago at least for that time all seemed well anyway. Have you tried to do a system restore to before a week ago? Also, when I had a BSOD problem for a few days awhile back, I did and sfc /scannow run and all was made well as my BSOD problem was eliminated as a result of that run which apparently replaced any system files that were corrupt or missing. You might want to consider trying that before doing a complete re-install. Best to you...
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    yes i could get into safe mode that was the only way that I could run a virus scan.
  5. Ryondo

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    i did do a system restore and i still experienced the same error.
  6. drpepper55

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    Sorry that the system restore did not do the trick for you. How about the sfc /scannow method? Note the space between the c and the /. Just go to start>run and type in sfc /scannow and let the process look for any missing or corrupt system files. Have your operating system disk handy as it will probably ask for it at some point. Best to you...
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