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BSOD.. why do computers hate me -.-

By Hso ยท 6 replies
Sep 2, 2006
  1. (Duplicate from the Hardware section)

    Hey there..
    I'm someone... sadly.. who is plagued by computer problems.. and I was recently introduced to another... the dreaded BSOD >:mad: I am by no means new to the BSOD.. I've probably seen it 15-20times in my young life (turned 21 recently ), but i've never successfully resolved the problem >:mad:

    so.. this is what I wrote down when I saw my most recent BSOD..

    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000A(0X9CFE9249, 0X00000002, 0X00000000, 0X8051EC12)

    WinXP saved a minidump, I installed Windbg(as recommended by a forum.. dunno which one :p), opened the dump file but it's not helpful to me.. something to do with symbols.. shrug..(would this thing about symbols have something to do with me using Japanese regional settings? I just thought i'd add that in there ;P)

    (uploaded 2 text files using the upload function on this forum.. I assume people know how to read attachments <_<)

    So.. I read something(perhaps on this forum?) that said 0x00000000A errors are hardware issues? I never get a break there's always /something/ going on with my computers.. they hate me... plain and simple >

    To my knowledge, I haven't installed any hardware *recently* .. the latest thing I installed was my second NIC.. but that was about 2-3weeks ago? don't see why it would be giving me hassle though <_<;;

    Would someone be able to provide some helpful advice on this issue, please?

    EDIT: Oh, I just thought I'd mention that this PC hasn't been overclocked.. i had a go at overclocking cpu and ram.. the CPU didn't get much of a successfully boost, and i think the RAM was causing problems.. but I formatted the computer and I think that got rid of the settings(the settings do get removed by doing this.. right?)

    EDIT: I also thought I'd mention that this BSOD seemed to be caused when my sister tried logging off of her username..

    EDIT: Just installed and looked at Speedfan.. I see one thing that may be a problem, but i'm not sure.. Temp3 seems to rocket up from 18-20*C upto 61*C(with the flame icon!)! should I be worried about that? the rpm of that fan is 2813.. very slow..
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    It would help if we knew what your pc is?????????
  3. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    In Windbg you need to add this line under File>Symbol File Path


    That will force the debugger to retrieve the latest debugging info. If you want to zip up a few minidumps we will read them here for you as well.

    Flames are bad in Speedfan, you may need to add a fan or better ventilate the computer but that might not be your only problem, that's where the minidumps come in handy.
  4. Hso

    Hso TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hey, sorry.. I forgot to re-attach the files when I created another topic <_<

    my PC specs;

    CPU: AMD Athlon 64-bit 3000+ Venice Core 1.81gig)
    Motherboard: Foxconn/WinFast NF4K8AC-RS-1.0 ( http://www.foxconnchannel.com/EN-GB/product/motherboard_detail.aspx?ID=en-tt0000020 )
    RAM: 2x 512meg Crucial-brand DDR400 PC3200
    HDD 1: 120GB Seagate HDD
    HDD 2: 200GB Seagate HDD
    PSU: 500Watt Enermax Liberty ( http://www.enermax.co.uk/products/psu/liberty/ELT500AWT/index.asp )
    2x Belkin-brand 10/100mb NIC
    GPU: nVidia GeForce FX 5500 PCI <-- ultra low-end, I know, but I don't game much
    OS: WinXP SP2

    I think that's pretty much it..

    I've definately uploaded some text files now ~_~;

    so.. any more advise?


    "Flames are bad in Speedfan, you may need to add a fan or better ventilate the computer but that might not be your only problem, that's where the minidumps come in handy."

    Can could you explain to me which fan Temp3 is? I opened up my computer, removed some light dust, cleaned the ram pins, re-connected the IDE/power cables for hdds, noticed that the grey cd-in(?) cable wasn't plugged in? I may have removed it without realising! and I removed a fan that I had at the bottom of my case.. I just checked SpeedFan again, and Temp3 is still there.. so it cannot be the fan I just removed.. so.. what would that be, cpu heatsink, chipset fan, computer's back intake fan?

    EDIT: Dump text = http://pastebin.ca/159045

    motherboard specs: http://pastebin.ca/159047

    (it seems that the gui won't let me upload more than 1 file at this moment in time ~_~)
  5. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    No problem, your crashes are caused by ntoskrnl.exe (according to that one minidump) read this and see if it helps: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000646.htm
    I can't tell what fan 3 is unless I'm looking at your computer but if you cleaned out all the dust in all of the fans your temps should come down a bit. Make sure you have Thermal Paste between the CPU and Heatsink.
  6. Hso

    Hso TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm back.. I just reset my computer twice.. and I was greeted by this interesting popup message.. something like "Umxagent.exe ... 0x7c910... could not be "read" .. it the computer reset before I could write it all down >:mad:


    I booted up my XP cd, constantly hit the f10 and R button in sequence until it loaded the recovery console, entered admin password, went to C:\windows\system32
    from there typed: copy "..\drivers cache\i386\ntoskrnl.exe"
    it promoted me overwrite, i agreed, got a message saying it was copied over.. so I assume that's done without problems..

    i just came back to this forum topic to post this message.. when I re-read your second-from-last post, fastco.. it seems I never read it correctly -.-
    this time I loaded up windbg, added the symbol file path, loaded up the dump file.. after many popups from my firewall, I managed to get a reply from the software that I some-what understand..


    not good news :(

    update: the error popup is something like "Umxagent.exe ... 0x7c910f29 .. reference memory at 0x00000001 ... could not be "read" .. sigh :( I think this has only started happening since I cleaned the RAM pins recently :(

    so.. would you say that the RAM is corrupt? I find it strange because it's past memtest without any noticable problems.. damn thing <_<;;
  7. Hso

    Hso TS Rookie Topic Starter

    noooooooooo!! :( a new BSOD today -.- my bro loaded up firefox to check online banking and it appears -.-;;


    damn thing..
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