BSOD x 2 different problem.. + download file corrupt 7/10

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Apr 3, 2007
  1. I bought a crappy shuttle x computer on ebay, it just make me crazy. I already spend a week and still not able to fix it. Right now I have the problem of

    PFN_LIST_Corrupt Stop:0x0000004E

    Before I though is the Ram problem, but it seem 0 error found, I also have tested 4 pair of different ram, all go the save BSOD. I downloaded the dumpchk, when I try to install it, another BSOD comes up. I have no idea what's going on .
    I have updated all the driver all the motherboard , dvd rom firmware. So i have no idea how to fix it. I also run the Driver Vertifer , but nothing found.
    I am a newbie so i don't know how to read the mini dump , so i wish someone can help me out thank you.

    Another problem is I always recevie a file corrupt error when I download any kind of file 7 out of 10 I recevie file courrpt error. this machine is make me crazy.

    the 02 was the error i recevied 3-4 times a day

    the 03 file was the error when i try to install dumpchk.
  2. Route44

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    What operating system are you running and how long did you run Memtest (hopefully 10 or more passes)? Can you give us more system specs, i.e., hardware such as Video card, etc.?
  3. alan8888

    alan8888 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am runing Windows xp sp2, I run the Memtest with all passed, and I read on some article , some error the memtest may not able to found out. So I bought any pair of 512gb geil pc3200 to put it in, and these ram is brand new also have the same problem.
    I have tried
    512 x 2 geil pc3200 ram
    512 x 2 kingston pc3200 ram
    And they all come out with the same error

    I have a shuttle X which is using P4 3.2 on board display
    on board Lan. I have some File courrpt problem when I download file on internet, So bought another lan card and fix the problem, but some how 1 week later. The file courrpt problem come out again. it happen 7/10 when i download the file.

    I also have tried install a brand new windows , I at least have tired to install the windows 10 times more, I have brand new hard put on it. 500GB

    The PFN_LIST_Corrupt Error code 0000004e, parameter1 00000099, parameter2 00006008, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000.

    This error will happen every few hours,
    And sometime i did not save my job, i got screwed......

    someone please help me
  4. Route44

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    The 02 dump stop error is KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED 0x8E and it can mean either faulty memory [which doesn't seem tobe your case] or a faulty driver, in this case it points to win32.sys; however, an executible was also listed: DzPhpEd.exe from DzSoft, LTD They do have a website so you can check them out.

    Check this out and read carefully:

    The 03 dump is stop error 0xC4 and Microsoft points to Norton Antivirus, but the issue is not due to Norton. Read this carefully: Then againthis could be useless if you don't have Norton!

    Lastly the PFN_LIST corrupt error: -- though this is an older article it is the one pointed to if this error is experienced in XP. The only thing I would add is that you run the verifier for XP.

    Sorry for all the articles but they do have advice on how to rectify your issues.

    * Your problems all seem to be pointing to driver conflicts. Hope I've been some help to you.
  5. alan8888

    alan8888 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have read the PFN_LIST corrupt article before on microsift. but it seem they didn't teach me how to solve it either....

    and second one...this is brnd new install not any anti virus or norton program.

    still don't know how to fix it....damn....
  6. gully

    gully TS Rookie

    I spot sr.sys in a second minidump. Could it be the file is corrupt or some virus camouflage themselves as sr.sys?
  7. alan8888

    alan8888 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    right now..i totally have no idea...whats the computer going on..everyday 5-10 time bosd...i think i am selling all the staff by parts and buy a new one
  8. the_gas

    the_gas TS Rookie Posts: 58

    Im having the same problem, my oem says the pc is fine, and that they cant find anything wrong with it, but i am allways getting this pfn list courrupt message. I need someone to try and help me find out what drivers are causing this. Here is my thread.
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