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BSODs, Unable to Boot, Unable to Repair XP

By Krymson
Feb 3, 2008
  1. Hello All,

    Well I ran into quite a problem and I need to understand if this is a hardware or software problem. Also let me also preface that I am posting from work since my home pc is not working. Some history to follow so please bear with me.

    I formatted my hdd a couple of months ago to recover from a nasty trojan infection. I did follow all the advice from that section of the forums and then some, with the one exception, posting the spybot and hijack logs. more so because at that point it had been going on two weeks of every free hour trying to cure it... nothing was helping, so I just bit the bullet and reformatted.

    I reinstalled XP, Office, SP2 and SP3. Upgraded to the current IE and Media Player. Also my updated my AV (Panda Security). So figured all was good. I noticed that each time I connected to the internet Panda was stopping some tracking spyware, as you can understand frustrated me since I JUST reformatted. So I figured it had to be loading during the boot.

    Yesterday just to see if I could have a go, ran Panda Antiroot Kit, rebooted, and when prompted started the scan. As it was scanning I stepped away from the computer and upon returning a few minutes later the PC was powered off. So I restarted and i attempted to boot and recieved the following error...

    the following file is missing or corrupt

    It was suggested to boot from the XP OS disk. I did so. Upon reaching the point where it asks to install windows XP n(hit enter), or 'r' for repair. I selected 'r'.

    it gave me the c:\windows command line prompt, but before I could attempt anything it gave me a BSOD, I neglected to record the error number.

    I attemped again, this time I was able to enter the following command at the prompt: bootcnfg /scan It began to scan and then during the scan went to another BSOD.

    STOP: 0x00000050 (0xE00116DC, 0x00000000, 0x80844BDF, 0x00000000)

    I tried again, this time during the loading of the file prior to the XP install prompt, I got an immediate BSOD

    STOP: 0x000000E3 (0x89C173D8, 0x89C1EAFA, 0x00000000, 0x00000002)

    I tried one last time, and this time during the file loading it will "flash" and BSOD and power off immediately.

    I honestly don't know if this is residual from the trojan or a hardware problem. If a hardware problem, is it memory, HDD, MoBo...or...?

    If there is anything you guys could suggest, I would sincerely appreciate any advice.

    PC Hardware: AMD Athlon FX-55, 2G kingston Memory, Gigabye Mobo, Segate 200G HDD

    Update: Been researching @ Microsoft.com knowledge base... of the BSOD may have been attributed to by my video driver, but that was current since the format. oh btw its a BFG nvidia 6800 OC ultra. Athother suggestion was get the most current SP for Windows... done that... ugh.

    Any suggestions on a new OS once I figure out how to get my PC under control... (not kidding)

  2. jao_madn

    jao_madn TS Rookie

    try the memtest86+ to test your RAM if error occurs even 1 error then suggest try another RAM.cause recenlty i was hit also by a BSOD and after to safemood and normal windows BSOD come out first..I read mostly BSOD problem cause by hardware..nothing to loose if you try.or boot and used only one ram os test one by one your RAM.
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