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I'm helping a guy buy a new pc. Need some info on what specs I should look for.
First some background info... He is a 70 year old with a visual impairment. so he bought some expensive microphone (I'm guessing with voice recognition software included) to help him write his book. Now I was wondering if the rig would need anything special. I was thinking an i3-i5 with 4gb ram and "onboard" gpu (should be on cpu I guess lol) and a soundboard that has the jack needed etc.
does he need extra ram/cpu power for such a thing? and does his soundcard need any special specs appart from the right ports?

any help would be much appreciated. I don't want him to have a bad first experience.

Doctor John

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The existing spec sounds perfectly adequate for most voice recognition purposes, you don't normally need super bandwidth for audio processing (unless he wants to record a 128-track prog rock octaphonic mega album or suchlike!). The popular apps for this (Dragon Naturally Speaking, Shout etc. etc.) seem perfectly happy with standard soundcards/RAM/mobo/CPU etc., the critical elements are the microphone (hopefully his expensive one will be good quality) and spending some time and patience on training the software to the nuances of the user's individual voice and accents.
Of course, if money's no object, speccing it up can do no harm, though! :)


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Thanks for the reply. Just wanted to be sure. I have no idea what the price range will be . All depends on what the mic needs then really.