Building Shuttle for Cad

By rodneyatvisnet
Dec 7, 2008
  1. I am building a computer with the following specs and i am just alittle concerned that either the heat from the graphics card will be too much for the shuttle case or that it wont be sufficient power to run all the 3d cad and design software its being built for.

    Shuttle XPC SX48P2 E with built in mobo
    Built In - 450w
    Intel E8400, Dual 3.0 ghz
    Kingston 2X2gig 800m
    Seagate 750ig Sata
    Samsung DVD RW Sata
    Asus EN8600GT
    Vista Business
    Dual DVi 22inch Samsungs

    Would appreciate any responses to whether i am worrying about nothing or even if anyone here can think of something that might be better for me to use
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