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Jan 10, 2006
  1. Is there any way possible to download all the Window Updates for SP/2 to the current files today, put them in a folder to burn on a CD to install at a later date or when you do a complete clean install of Windows? I heard that there was a method of doing this. Sure would like to know how this can be accomplished, if at all.
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    true - but that doesn't answer his question.

    Yes, you can. You can either collect the service packs and/or hotfixes and burn to a disk, or you can copy your windows cd to your computer, integrate the updates with the install files, and create yourself an up to date windows disk.

    Name your poison and we'll see about telling you what to do or directing you to a website where it's already explained... :)

    I am of course assuming that you're wanting to just tell it to install and come back when it's finished. If you are happy to simply install each post sp2 update manually, just follow mailpups advice/link below and burn the files to CD.
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    Have you tried going to the Microsoft Download Center? Click here

    Download them and burn them.
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    Burn Window updates on CD

    That's right, Spike. All I want is to have a handy CD with all the latest Priority and Driver updates from day one of SP/2 up to the present. This way, I don't have to get online to download all the required updates when performing a fresh clean install of Windows XP. I was told that it was as simple as going to the Windows Update website and downloading all the updates to a folder. Only thing, I haven't found it as yet. Your comments are appreciated.
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    ok - there's a few ways of doing this, but first of all, you haven't said whether you would prefer an update cd, or an up-to-date windows cd.

    There's a couple of ways of doing this, but only one way of being completely happy with it.

    The first way, and the definitive way...

    The first thing you need to do is to compile a list of all of the post sp2 updates - and this is no mean feat. There are various lists available, but I've yet to find a comprehensive and up to date one.

    Seems to me that unless somebody knows of such a list, the best way of doing this would be to bring your windows xp install completely up to date, and then use add/remove programs to list all the installed hotfixes.

    Then, download all of these updates to a folder. (What you'd do with them depends on the answer to the question I first asked - an update cd or an up to date windows cd?)

    To create an update cd that you can simply start installing and leave running untill it's finished, there are a few different ways. The most simplistic way is probably to use a batchfile, making sure that WMP10 is always the first installed (if installing it) followed by .NET 1.1 and then .NET 2. You can get the idea by looking at http://unattended.msfn.com - where you would be looking only at the switches applicable to each type of windows update (the ones I mention here run it silently for one of the two types), and the order to place them in. Simply list them all in the batchfile (eg, "start wait update.exe /Q:A /R:N ") (the rest is about creating an unattended disk, which you aren't trying to do)

    Burn this batchfile to disk, along with the hotfixes. all you'd have to do to install the updates is simply run the batchfile. Or you could even create an autorun to automatically start it when you insert the cd.

    the second way, if creating an updated windows disk

    Extract all the contents of your windows CD to a folder on your hard drive. You can do all this manually if you so wish, carrying on from the process above, and integrating each individual hotfix into the disk, but I'm guessing that you'd prefer to do it the automated way. There are a variety of integration packages. Two popular ones are "n-lite" and "ryanvm". I recently used the ryanvm 1.05 integrator, which left me with 6 critical updates to install, and 11 optional ones to choose from.

    Simply download his latest update pack to a seperate folder, run the integrator, select the location the folder condaining the contents of your xp cd, select the location of the update pack, and hit integrate. This takes a short while, but does everything for you.

    Note that this pack integrates into winXP SP2, and so you would first need to slipstream sp2 if you have a previous version (check out the eldergeeks ( http://www.theeldergeek.com/slipstreamed_xpsp2_cd.htm ) guide to do it, just don't burn the cd afterwards.)

    once you've added the updatepack to the sp2 files, you are ready to burn it all back to cd - you can either use the eldergeeks guide for this, or...

    and then burn the ISO to a cd.
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    burn updates on CD

    Thanks spike for your help. I now have my updates in a folder on my hard drive. I just have to sort them out with my download history from the Windows Update website. I am also going to look into this slipstream process. Sounds like the way to go. Thanks also to all who responded to my thread.
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    I think my way is much less complicated, the way I see it is if you need a fresh install of XP that means you probably won't have that info on your HD after the re-install (to do it complete). This way it will take far less time to download JUST the updates after running the SP2 disc from MS. Just my opinion, I don't see the point in this excercise in futility, sorry. :dead:
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    It was free when I got it from them, but you reminded me I should get one for my parents, turns out those dudes are now charging shipping on the cd. So screw that, I'll just make them a copy of mine.
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    The point is now that there are a lot of post-SP2 updates. Once it's done, he/she can forget all about those updates already downloaded, and just keep a list of all the updates that are issued from now untill SP3, updating the list each time a new update is released.

    This method doesn't require ANY info on you HD after you re-install - it's all on the disk you've created. Using the very same process, if there is room on a CD, you can even add in the latest version of Sun Java, etc if you know how - which further saves hassle if you reinstall often.

    SNGX makes another valid point :)

    Of course, even if the OP decides against doing this, it's what he asked for :). All it is is information - and who knows - if he doesn't do it, maybe someone else will decide to. Personally, I've been creating unattended installs lately to speed things up for me - it means I can just fire and forget, getting on with other things while one machine installs.
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    Good point Spike, Cheers! :)
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    Burn updates on CD

    Well guys, I finally completed the whole process. Not only did I download my updates, I slipstreamed everything with programs like AutoStreamer and UISO7 to produce a bootable CD with my Windows XP, SP-2 and the post SP-2 update files. It cost me to waste to blank CD's, but it was an education and satifying experience. Thanks for the information that you guys provide to give me the ideas.
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    happy to help - hope you had fun. :)
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