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Aug 6, 2004
  1. Ive been having a problem here with my burner. Evertime i try to put a new blank CD or an actual bought audio cd in the drive it, for some reason kicks it right back out. Im useing the (LG CD-ROM CRD-8522B) on XP and have tried uninstalling the burner, taking the actual burner out, rebooting, then shut down, Then I cleaned the inside of the burner by hand and then put it back in, but still no luck. The cd stays in the burner drive for about 10 seconds and then kicks it out?? I cant read or do anything with it but my RD-ROM drive is working perfectly. Ive been triieg a lot of different thing to try to fix this problem but nothing seems to work. I have just formated my C: about 4 days ago and that never worked. ( it wasnt working before that ) I dunno - so if anyone could help me out with some ideas it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Sephum!
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    You should check if this is a software or a hardware issue.

    Before booting Windows, hit the pause key on your keyboard. The POST process should stop. Insert a CD in the drive and see if it stays in. If yes, you have a problem with Windows, perhaps an issue with ASPI or some virus/malware.

    If the drive kicks out the CD outside Windows then it is most likely bad.
  3. Sephum

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    OK I triied putting a CD in while outside of windows and still it got booted out of the computer - so you think that my burner may be no good then?? Cause Im pretty much tapped out of ideas and none have worked so Im almost thinking that its garbage. But if anyone has any other helpful hints please let me know - Sephum
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    If it does the same outside windows then it is a hardware problem for sure.

    You should try the drive in another computer to make sure it is the drive that is bad and not something with the IDE controller.

    Also, update the burner's firmware.

    If nothing helps and its not under warranty and you don't want to throw it away, open it up and see if there is some mechanical problem that makes the tray come back out.
  5. Sephum

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    thanks for the help man ill try both but the other computer thing first
  6. Sephum

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    OK the burner is most definatley screwed - so I opened it up and cant really find anything wrong with it - nuthing looks broke to the eye and when i put it back in as if everything is OK im still at point A. (thats where im handycap and dunno what the hell is wrong) so i cant find anything (diagrams or instructions on the opening of my burner (SONY CD-RW CRX175A1) ) so im just checking again to see if anybody out there has ever had this problem and actually fixed it. thanks for your time - Sephum
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