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Jul 1, 2006
  1. Hi,I just want to say that if this is the wrong spot to post this then am really sorry.Ok now right to business.I just recently purchased a DVD burner and I have a bunch of AVI files that I want to burn into a DVD disc,but its seems to be more tricky than I expected.I have heard that in order to burn an AVI file to a DVD disc you must first convert it to an Mpeg-2 file/VOB.Ok so this is my question.I have Nero Express 3,so I was wondering....does Nero do the conversion? Or do I need to find another software that converts my AVI to an Mpeg-2 and then take the Mpeg-2 file and burn it with Nero or do I take the AVI file and leave it as it is and let Nero do all the work? Do any of that affect the file quality wise? I just hope you guys understand my questions.Thanks.
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    Nero will convert the .avi file to a dvd format by it self, but it can take a while. For me on average, it takes 1hr to convert and burn. Before you burn it, you can choose the quality settings (using the more options button), but IMO you should leave it at Automatic.
  3. N3051M

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    you can get nero to burn it as a dvd image on your hdd, then burn it onto a dvd using the clone image thing.. its faster, and you wont have any troubles associated with failed burns (unless your hdd is low on space) and much faster if you need to mass produce..
  4. Spector

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    You guys are awsome! Thanks for the replies. :)

    Is that clone image thing in Nero? If so where can I find it?Under what category?

    One more thing, where it says Encoding mode,what happens if I put it on High Quality (2-pass VBR) as oppose to Fast Encoding (1-pass)? and the same for the Audio Format...Automatic,Dolby Digital (AC-3)2.0,or LPCM? Thanks.
  5. N3051M

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    clone image.. sorry, its "burn image to disk" :D. There is also a "copy cd/dvd" thing as well..

    Auto is auto.. it picks the best settings as it can or default.. never looked through it before. they basicaly mean just that: how do you want the encoding to be? high quality or low?

    Mind you, the higher the quaility the longer it takes, and more hdd space it will tax, lower = faster, and less hdd space (kinda).. but depends if you like not so good pics.. some do turn out alright though..
  6. altheman

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    2 Pass encoding will take twice as long because its re-encoded twice to produce higher quality. For a home pc user, you won't really need this.
  7. Spector

    Spector TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the info guys....that really helped.
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