Cable management PSU's

By Grandenhag
Sep 23, 2006
  1. ELLO,

    i was wondering, does anyone have any recomendations for one of those power supplies that you can plug the cables in as you need them.
    you know what im talking about. some company callld cyberpower, or somthing like that made one and it was really sleek and well buit (my freind had one).
    i have no clue where to start to look for one.
    i looked on newegg and only found one thermaltake. but i want to look around. this is part of an upgrading/neatifiying process im about to undertake.
    i have a thermaltake 480 watt psu now and it has soooo many wires no matter how many times i try to neaten and ziptie it still looks like crap.

    i need probably at least a 530 watt, because im upgrading to a 7800 gs card, and slapping in some water cooling and overclocking my aging socket 478 p4 3ghz to 3.6, and im just going to run it like that until it dies. so i probably need a beefy psu for that. beefier and less messy then my current one anyway.
    and if anyone can tell me the correct name of that company that would be great. because i think cyber power is the company that made my surge protector...... dont think thats it.

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    you guys just solved all my problems. i have alot to choose from now.
    the antec is besst choice right now, but the corsair (when did they start making psu's?) looks good to.

    thanks alot :)
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