Cadillac's all-electric Escalade EV has 450-mile range, $130K starting price

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In a nutshell: Cadillac has announced a new version of its full-size, all-electric luxury Escalade SUV that should go a long way to quelling fears about range anxiety. The 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ affords an estimated 450 miles of range thanks in part to its 24-module Ultium battery, which produces more than 200 kWh of available energy. The SUV also features a flexible, high-voltage architecture that enables fast charging where available.

A quick 10-minute charge can provide up to 100 miles of driving range, we're told.

On a 240V 7.7 kW connection, expect up to 14.8 miles of range per hour of charge, or 37 miles of range per hour with a 19.2 kW connection.

The power plant is rated at up to 750 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque (in Velocity Max mode), which can propel the SUV from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds. Towing capacity is rated at up to 8,000 pounds.

Other areas of interest include a curved, pillar-to-pillar 55-inch diagonal LED display powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon Cockpit Platform and an optional 40-speaker AKG Studio Reference audio system. The infotainment system comes with several popular Google apps built in including Google Assistant, Google Play, and Google Maps.

There is also a power door option, allowing you to power open and close all four doors at the touch of a button. If activated, there is even a feature that will open the driver's door as you approach (so long as you have the key fob on your person). Buyers additionally get power third-row seating. Heck, even the charge port door is motorized.

The new Escalade also includes standard four-wheel steer to reduce the vehicle's turning diameter, which Cadillac says can be especially helpful when maneuvering in parking lots and other tight spaces. Four-wheel steer can additionally enhance handling and stability at higher speeds, and while towing.

Cadillac's 2025 Escalade IQ starts at $130,000 and is expected to enter production at GM's Factory Zero assembly center in Detroit next summer.

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Another vehicle only for "the upper crust" to operate and thumb their noses at others.
Henry Ford said it best. I want the price to come down to the point that even my employees
can own one.
I bet that 450 mile number will never happen once in real world usage. Not even close.

That thing seems against every principal of EV's but maybe rappers want to appear a little greener doing their drive by shootings?

lol. and use duckhunt guns.
I bet that 450 mile number will never happen once in real world usage. Not even close.
At best, in almost perfect conditions someone might eek out 400 miles.

However, if someone wanted to tow with this - look at all the electric trucks, their range drops down to maybe 100 miles while towing, expect something similar with this Cadillac.

Or, if you own one of these in the winter - like in MN - where temps can sit for great lengths of time at negative (we've had stretches of 2-3 weeks were the temps never get above 0 degree Fahrenheit and the high temp would be, if you're lucky,'s like living in Siberia). You'd be lucky if you could get your car to take a charge or even get 50% range out of a full charge.

Two years ago a guy at my work that owns a Tesla, when we had that extreme cold snap for several weeks (like I explained above), after the second or third day into it his car wouldn't start and it wouldn't take a charge. He had to leave it at work for nearly 2 weeks until the weather warmed up enough that it would start. He still owns it and drives it to this day, but he hates having the car in the winter when it gets that cold. He goes out a couple of times during the day to start it to make sure it will start.
"Cadillac's all-electric Escalade EV has 450-mile range"

Deduct 25% off the 450 mile if the vehicle is fully loaded with passengers and cargo luggage...!